Our story

Pre Diagnostics was founded in 2013 by Håkon Sæterøy and Erik Christensen. The company acquired the rights to develop and commercialize a novel patented technology that was first discovered by Tormod Fladby, Lisbeth Johansen and Kaj Blenow in 2009 during their tenure at Akershus University Hospital. Based at ShareLab in the Oslo Science Park, development work is now also performed “in house” by Pre Diagnostics’ team at ShareLab. The company runs a lean operation and the strategy remains to leverage a network of strong collaboration partners.

The company plans to sell the first test for Alzheimer’s disease for the purpose of research use (RuO) in a direct sales model, and will develop a network of local and global distributors for the introduction of a CE marked product in the EU. The diagnostics market requires further adaptation of the technology for use on the high throughput diagnostic platforms of the IVD industry. Our strategy is to secure global market access in the diagnostic space through outlicensing of our technology to local, regional or global IVD companies.