April 2021 – “Pre Diagnostics selected as a Rising Star by NLS Invest“

Amongst hundreds of high-quality applications, the Nordic Selection Committee has chosen 80 Rising Stars to join Nordic Life Science Invest. Pre Diagnostics was pleased to be selected as a Rising Star and held a digital pitch before an 135+ representatives from 100+ global investors joining NLSInvest & Nordic Life Science Days.

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April 2021 – “Pre Diagnostics featured in Medtech Insight’s Start-Up Spotlight “

Pre Diagnostic’s intracellular approach to neurodegenerative disease diagnosis is attracting attention.

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March 2021 – Pre Diagnostics profiled in 360DX article

The results of Pre Diagnostics’ clinical study represent “a good start and this technique clearly has great potential,” Dag Aarsland, chair of old age psychiatry at Kings College London, said in an interview. A blood test that shows an AUC of .8, or above, is what clinicians operating in the field require and is seen as “very promising,” said Aarsland, a long-time clinician and researcher with an interest in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia who is not affiliated with Pre Diagnostics or the development of its test. He noted that the firm’s approach involving intracellular detection is “very different from other test procedures used to measure proteins and peptides” for Alzheimer’s diagnosis and may provide better performance than other blood-based tests. Nonetheless, the test will require further clinical validation to prove that it can perform better than others, he added.

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February 2021 – Press release

Pre Diagnostics successfully completes proof of concept study for its PreADx immunoassay for detection of Alzheimer’s Disease

Pre Diagnostics announces that its PreADx immunoassay for early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease has successfully completed a clinical evaluation. The company now plans to further optimize the assay in advance of CE marking in Q2, 2021. The company’s focus on innate immunity paves the way for precision medicine approaches to AD.

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July 2020

Akershus University Hospital to Present Poster of Pre Diagnostic’s Immunoassay at AAIC 2020

Akershus University Hospital, Pre Diagnostics scientific partner, presents its poster “A new biological assay measuring Aβ clearance -the Aβ mid-domain immunoassay” at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) on July 27-31, 2020. The poster discloses details on the development of Pre Diagnostic’s mid-domain Aβ immunoassay and suggests that the test may be useful for measuring disease progression and intervention studies. The AAIC is the world’s largest international conference in the dementia field.

42795_A new biological assay of Aβ clearance

April 2020

Pre Diagnostics first Research Use Only (RuO) assay

The first version of the data sheet for new Simoa assay for quantitating intracellular Beta Amyloid mid domain peptides in monocytes from peripheral blood is now available


December 2019

A new blood-based biomarker of Aβ clearance

PreDiagnostics published two posters from its work called “A new blood-based biomarker of Aβ clearance – the monocyte Aβ mid-domain assay” and “Assessing Aβ clearance aided by mass spectrometry” at the Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease Conference in December 2019.