The inventor: Prof. Tormod Fladby
•Head of Department of Neurology, Akershus University Hospital (AHUS)
•Professor II, Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo

Professor Fladby awarded Dementia Researcher of the year 2017, honored by His Majesty King Harald

The National association for public health stated: “Professor Tormod Fladby gets the prize for his important contributions to new knowledge about dementia diseases. His main research is within biomarkers in blood and spinal fluid, and how these can detect diseases at an early stage. This work has contributed to better diagnostic tools and more knowledge about treatment of dementia diseases. Professor Fladby integrates laboratory research and clinical work with patients in an excellent way. Fladby has been an active driving force for dementia research in Norway as well as internationally. He has been an initiator of Norwegian Neuropsychiatric association and is chairman of Nansen Neuroscience Network.”