Problem/issue to be solved

  • Alzheimer’s disease (AD) affects millions of elderly worldwide and creates an enormous financial burden on many of the world’s health care systems. More than 80 clinical trials evaluating disease-modifying treatments are currently ongoing worldwide.
  • No convenient and accurate diagnostic tools are available today, and – in its current form – PET scanning has low market access due to high costs.

Blood based tests are in high demand, both for use in clinical trials and clinical practice.


The value proposition

A new blood-based test with high accuracy in the early disease stages is warranted for efficacious drug development within the Alzheimer space. Several expensive phase 3 clinical trials have recently failed to demonstrate clinical effects. To improve the success rate, new clinical trials must include well-qualified patients in the early-disease stage and have objective tools to demonstrate drug effectiveness. Current blood-based tests lack both clinical stability and relationship to the disease mechanisms, while the Pre Diagnostics test aims to address each issue.

Upon arrival of new and effective drugs, a widespread use of the test by clinicians is expected.