Latest news:

  • February 2019
    •  Pre Diagnostics presents at the SwissNordic Biotech Meeting in Zurich
  • December 2018
    • Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase II application for a grant of EUR 2,35 million has reached the stage of Grant Agreement preparation.
      • This autumn the Pre Diagnostics VERDAD grant application (Very Early, Reliable Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease) passed the initial evaluation criteria, and Pre Diagnostics was invited to the stage 2 evaluation (pitch presentation and interview with EU expert panel) in Brussel. Now the European Commission has communicated that VERDAD has reached the stage of Grant Agreement preparation. The grant will cover 70 % of the EUR 3,36 million total project costs, while the remaining EUR 1 million will be funded by private capital. The project is expected to start winter 2019 and will last for 30 months.
  • February 2017
  • January 2017
    • The United States Patent & Trademark Office has issued a Notice of Allowance for the first patent (DIAGNOSTIC METHOD)
  • December 2016
    • Pre Diagnostics awarded EUR 0,8 mill in a research grant from the Norwegian Research Council
  • May 2016
  • November 2015
  • October 2015
    • Pre Diagnostics presenting at the Biomarker Summit Europe 2015 in Berlin
  • April 2015
    • Pre Diagnostics presenting at the One Nucleus Dementia Investment Forum in London
  • March 2015
    • Pre Diagnostics presenting at the Sachs Life Science CEO meeting in Zürich
  • February 2015
    • Pre Diagnostics awarded NOK 200k from the Regionale Forskningsfond supporting a clinical intervention study
  • September  2014
    • Pre Diagnostics awarded  NOK 4 mill from the IFU/OFU program of Innovation Norway
      • Pre Diagnostics, in partnership with Fürst Medisinsk Laboratorium and Akershus University Hospital, aims to develop the current prototype test to a CE-approved diagnostic for pre-dementia diagnosis of Alzheimers ready for the European market by 2016.
  • September 2014:

About Pre Diagnostics AS

Pre Diagnostics is an innovative Norwegian diagnostic company that seeks to create value for patients, partners, and investors by developing pioneering and patient-friendly, in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) products for early detection of diseases.

The company’s proprietary concept is built upon the scientific premise that a disease evokes systemic responses in macrophages unique to that disease which can be accurately measured in the blood samples of patients.

Pre Diagnostics aims to be a leader in the diagnosis of early Alzheimer’s disease and is thus focused on the development of IVD biomarker products that use well-established technologies and procedures.

The company protects its technology with an evolving patent portfolio.